These are data submitted to the Charity Commission when we were a Charitable Trust (registration no.1091534).

We converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2014 (registration no.11558282). From that date our accounts are visible on the website of the Charity Commission. However, the Commission no longer displays information about our financial history under our previous registration, of which we are proud. For convenience we have therefore provided the history of the final five years under our earlier registration and links to download the detailed accounts and reports.


The charts and table below show in summary form the Trust's income and expenditure figures for the five years 2009-14, together with our submission record. To comply with the Commission's requirements, accounts must be submitted within ten months of the financial year end. Detailed accounts for the period follow.

 Financial year end (FYE)   Income   Spending   Annual return submitted 
 31 March 2014  £226,868  £152,985  12 November 2014
 31 March 2013  £67,101  £65,958  15 October 2013
 31 March 2012  £66,848  £56,071  17 October 2012
 31 March 2011  £55,732  £55,681  24 October 2011
 31 March 2010  £50,251  £62,044  4 November 2010

Detailed accounts