Technical Information Project - mill technical descriptions

Introduction and key to abbreviations

September 13th 2019


These technical descriptions were compiled over a period of twenty-five years both from other writers’ research and my own investigations. The material is still gradually being added to. Unfortunately, there are some mills where the machinery (best seen with everything in its proper position) is currently dismantled or access is for one reason or another difficult to obtain. It has been decided to leave an inspection of these to some future date when hopefully it will have become possible. 

The information given in the descriptions is accurate to the best of my ability; nonetheless corrections will be welcome. It is possible some of the orientations given (north, south, east, west etc.) are wrong. I confess to having taken a few liberties and used some milling terms interchangeably, such as “nut”, “cog” and “pinion”, “wire machine/flour dresser/flour machine” or “truck wheel” and “centring wheel”.

Guy Blythman September 2019



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FWG                    Frank Gregory

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HRH/HSRH/RH  H S R (Ronald) Hawksley

KSW                    Karl Wood paintings

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                             Sussex, 1978

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TJM                     T J Mason

TMS                    Quoted in HESS, identity unclear. Transactions of the  International Molinological Society

W & WS              Wind- and Watermill Section

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