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Vacuum Boxes
(1) The SHUTTERS in spring and patent sails. (Suffolk term). (2) The blades of a FANTAIL. (3) The blades on a fan. (4) The blades on an enclosed tub wheel or turbine waterwheels.
Varying Pitch
Originally the wooden casing or tank containing STUFF or paper stock by which a VATMAN stands when he makes sheets of hand made papers but later applied to the tank in which the cylinder of a mould machine is partially immersed.
The man who forms the sheet of paper by dipping the MOULD into the VAT and then lifting it out, forming the sheet of paper on top.
Ventilated Buckets
Waterwheel buckets designed with vents for the passage of air to ease the entry and release of water. Sir William Fairbairn perfected it; but it was known earlier.
Vertical Mill
The traditional European mill driven by a vertical waterwheel. (e.g. on a horizontal wheelshaft).
Vertical Millstones
The stones in a mill which are mounted vertically, the RUNNER STONE turning in a vertical plane.
Vertical Shaft
A shaft from which ancillary machinery was driven.(also used for the UPRIGHT SHAFT).
Vertical Waterwheel
A WATERWHEEL mounted on a horizontal AXLE and therefore rotates in a vertical plane. It can have a number of features, among which are the following:- (1) see ARMS (2). (2) see CLASP ARM. (3) see COMPASS ARM WHEEL. (4) see HUB. (5) see RIM GEARING. (6) see SUSPENSION WHEEL. The waterwheel's rim may also have a number of features, depending on the type of wheel:- (1) see BAYS. (2) see BUCKETS. (3) see FLOATS. (4) see SHROUDS. (5) see SOLE. (6) see STARTS. A vertical waterwheel may operate in various ways in order to make the best use of the water available on the site:- (1) see BREAST SHOT WHEEL (2) see HIGH BREAST WHEEL (3) see LOW BREAST WHEEL (4) see OVERSHOT WHEEL (5) see PITCHBACK WHEEL (6) see PONCELET WHEEL (7) see UNDERSHOT WHEEL
Vibrating Machine
Vitruvian Mill

The Roman VERTICAL MILL, as described by Vitruvius about 25 BC in De architectura.

Volute Casing
The casing around a turbine rotor directing & enclosing the water.
A PULLEY wheel with one or more V-sectioned grooves on its rim to take driving ropes, belts or chains.

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