Our reference library at Watlington House holds thousands of printed books, pamphlets, journals and maps, including most of the standard works on traditional mills and milling, as well as a large number of specialist publications dealing with various topics and specific sites around the world.

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Book title Author(s) Publisher Publication year
Zingende zeilen Delcour, Jan Molencentrum Mola 2009
Zinkhütter Hof 4 authors Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Museums für Industrie- Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte für den Raum Aachen in Stolberg n.d.
Zuid-hollands Molenboek 4 authors N Samson NV 1965
Zuid-hollands Molenboek 4 authors N Samsom NV 1965
Zur Geschichte der Wasserstrassen insbesondere in Nordhessen Tönsmann, Frank Herkules Verlag, Kassel 1995
Zwaaiende Wieken Visser, Herman A Elsevier 1946
« Moteurs à muscles cette énergie retro » Bleu, Simone l'Association "Le Clairmirouère du temps" 1980