Our reference library at Watlington House holds thousands of printed books, pamphlets, journals and maps, including most of the standard works on traditional mills and milling, as well as a large number of specialist publications dealing with various topics and specific sites around the world.

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Book title Author(s) Publisher Publication year
11th symposium of The International Molinological Society: conference papers NA The International Molinological Society (TIMS) 2004
32 Dutch windmills in full colour 2 authors internationale kunstreproducties groningen n.d.
702 model windmill : its assembly, installation and use Baker, T Lindsay American Wind Power Center 1999
A la chasse aux papillons. système de mise au vent automatique des moulins 3 authors Les Cahiers De L'Ama 1991
A to Z of Kent mill owners and associated occupations 1899 2 authors R & A Longley Publications 2006
A-Z of Norfolk windmills 2 authors Halsgrove 2011
Aberford in time past 3 authors Countryside Publications 1983
Ailes Berton: le succès d’une invention 6 authors Les Cahiers De l’Ama 1996
Album of Thornton-Cleveleys Rothwell, Catherine Lancashire County Council Library and Leisure Committee 1981
Alderman Frank Hooker Wilmot, Edward Edward Wilmot 1991
Alles ist schon einmal dagewesen 5 authors Roche, Basel 1975
Als sich noch die Flügel drehten Hashagen, Ingo Atelier im Bauernhaus 1986
Alte Mühlen 5 authors Stürtz Verlag, Würzburg 1983
Alternative energy strategy for the United Kingdom Todd, R W Centre for Alternative Technology 1977
American windmills Baker, T Lindsay University of Oklahoma Press 2007
American windmills : harnessers of energy Cosner, Shaaron David McKay 1977
Ancient engineers Sprague de Camp, L Tandem 1977
Ancient Iran from the air 3 authors Verlag Philipp von Zabern 2012
Ansbach gestern + heute 19/20 Bürger, Werner [Publisher not known] 1979-80
Ansbach gestern + heute 21 Bürger, Werner [Publisher not known] 1980