Our reference library at Watlington House holds thousands of printed books, pamphlets, journals and maps, including most of the standard works on traditional mills and milling, as well as a large number of specialist publications dealing with various topics and specific sites around the world.

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Book title Author(s) Publisher Publication year
11th symposium of The International Molinological Society: conference papers NA The International Molinological Society (TIMS) 2004
Abbaye et la fonderie d’Ecurey 3 authors Inventaire Général 1999
Abortion of the young steam engineer’s guide 2 authors Fry and Kammerer 1805
Achatschleiferei und Wasserschleifen am Idarbach Reidenbach, Karl-Theo Raiffeisenbank Idar-Oberstein 1986
Agricultural implement makers Scourfield, Elfyn Welsh Folk Museum 1983
Alles ist schon einmal dagewesen 5 authors Roche, Basel 1975
Als sich noch die Flügel drehten Hashagen, Ingo Atelier im Bauernhaus 1986
Alte Bauernsägen im Schwarzwald und in den Alpenländern Jüttemann, Herbert G.Braun, Karlsruhe 1984
Alte Mühlen 5 authors Stürtz Verlag, Würzburg 1983
Alvingham watermill NA [Publisher not known] n.d.
America’s wooden age Hindle, Brooke Sleepy Hollow Restorations 1975
American miller and millwright’s assistant Hughes, William C Henry Carey Baird 1851
Ancient Iran from the air 3 authors Verlag Philipp von Zabern 2012
Andernach Hunder, Hans Stadt Andernach 1973
Application of water-power to industry during the Middle Ages Blaine, B University Microfilms 1966
Arbeiten und Leben in der Kornmühle Scheuermann, Adelgard VSA-Verlag 1989
Archaeology of mills and milling Watts, Martin Tempus 2002
Archaeology of mining and quarrying in England Newman, Paul National Association of Mining History Organisations 2016
Archaeology of postmill trestles and millsteads : with a bibliography Stevens, Lawrence [Publisher not known] 2001
Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal Hughes, Stephen RCAHMW 1988