Thank you for your interest in the Great British Mill Race – we’re delighted you would like to take part. If you can’t find an answer to your question below – then please feel free to get in touch at

What is this Great British Mill Race thing?

Help us as we race against time to save a record of our milling heritage.

Read our official announcement of the Heritage Lottery Fund supported Great British Mill Race here and download our poster here

Launching at the 2016 SPAB National Mills Weekend (14-15 May) and ongoing from then.  

The Great British Mill Race is a chance for you to help us document the mills and historic mill sites of the UK.

We are proud to host a huge database of over 11,962 mills and historic mill sites from all over the UK.  As you can imagine - keeping this information up to date, adding new mills and images of mills is an enormous challenge!

This is why we are inviting you to join the Great British Mill Race by uploading photographs and comments to a web form hosted on our website, relating to mills you have seen or visited all over the UK.  We’re fully mobile ready so you can join the Mill Race using your smartphone whenever and wherever you spot a mill.  This information will be used to update and improve our existing Mills Database.


Sounds good  – how do I take part?

The Great British Mill Race: Quick Start Guide

  1. From 14 May 2016, visit:
  2. Find your mill.
  3. Snap away: send us your pictures and mill information updates. 
  4. You're a Great British Mill Racer!  Keep up to date with new entries, pictures & prizes by following #gbmillrace


Hmm – can you go through that again please?

No problem.

It all starts by typing into the search bar of your web browser – from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 

On the Great British Mill Race landing page, we have created a few tools to help you take part in the Mill Race…

Using the tools illustrated above, you can:

  • Search for a mill record in our Mills Database and update it by adding information and images.
  • Search for mill sites near you.
  • Add information about a mill not currently featured in our Mills Database.

If in doubt – whether for an existing mill or a new mill – click on the Great British Mill Race logo to add new information.

Click here to take part in the Great British Mill Race

You can update our information and add images using a web form.


What’s on the web form?

You’ve clicked on the Great British Mill Race logo (see above) to update or add new information and images. 

Next you’ll see a web form we’ve created to simplify the process of you sending us information and images of mills and mills sites from all over the UK.

First we have to gather a few personal details.  Please read our terms & conditions (here or at the bottom of the form) if you’re concerned about this.

Then use the fields to input your mill information.  Just touch the boxes to input text via the keyboard on your smartphone.  If you’re working from your desktop – just click on the boxes to enter mill information.  


Can I add a photo already saved on my phone/computer?

Yes, please do!

To add an image, click or press + icon (as below).

This will give you the option to take a photo using your phone camera or upload a photo from your saved photos. 


Why do I need to enable GPS on my phone?

Please allow your phone to share its location with us when prompted.  This means that the photos you send us of mills are imbedded with the geographical location of where you took them.  This helps us improve our Mills Database entries. 

You can also tick the box ‘Share my current location as the Mills location’ if you are taking the photo at the mill site.


I can't find a signal to send you a picture when I'm at the mill - can I send it to you later?

Yes, please do!


What’s the # (hashtag) all about?

We'll be using the hashtag #gbmillrace to talk about the Great British Mill Race via social media.  The Mills Archive uses social media platforms to communicate and engage with our audience (and potential audience), by sharing information and news about our service, events and collections.  

You can find the Mills Archive on Facebook, Twitter (@millsarchive), Flickr and on our blog, Mill Writing.  

The use of the unique hashtag #gbmillrace provides us with an opportunity to promote the Mill Race, but most importantly, it helps us and you to keep track of the digital conversation about the Mill Race.  Every time we post content about the Mill Race we will use #gbmillrace.  

The hashtag acts just like a key word - which is searchable.  When you visit Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, from your smartphone or desktop computer you can search for #gbmillrace in the search box and return results that only relate to the Mill Race.  An ideal way to keep track of the Mill Race and avoid information overload.


My mill picture has me/children/other people in it – can I send that in?

As long as you have the permission of the people in the photo (as per our terms and conditions) then its all grist to the mill to us. 


Spotted something you’re not happy with?

If you are a mill owner and a picture of your mill has been shared that you are not happy with – sorry, we didn’t mean to do that.  Please just get in touch at and we will take it down immediately. 


Any more questions?

If you can’t find an answer to your question below – then please feel free to get in touch ( 

Thank you for taking part in the Great British Mill Race.