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The Mills Archive holds a wealth of information about people who are associated with mills and milling, providing a rich source for both family history and social history. You can access a wide variety of records on people through the following areas …

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Staff and volunteers at the Mills Archive, together with other researchers, are building a range of brief profiles and longer biographies about notable people and families in milling history.

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Mills and milling have always depended on people, so it is not surprising that the Mills Archive holds a lot of original documents, family history research data, and images of individuals and (in many cases) their families. Milling families provide a common thread linking together several generations working the same mill or mills in a particular area. Discovering a miller or millwright in your family can lead to far-reaching connections as different branches of the family may spread across several counties or inter-marry with other milling families to keep the mills, the businesses and associated land in the family …

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The Mill people database

This database currently contains over records. It is based upon the extensive information assembled by the late Mary Yoward, with help from her husband Tony. The late Eve Logan, another assiduous compiler of information on millers and millwrights, gave Mary over 30 bulging lever-arch files of information to add to her own. To this strong base Archive volunteers have added many more entries derived from a variety of sources, including the 30,000 name index on Berkshire millers and millwrights compiled by Tom Hine. This work continues.

We do not hold the original records for many of the references, and therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the transcribed information. In all cases, please check the original sources. Please ask us for help with locating the original records.

Entries usually include the person’s name and trade, gender, place and county as well as notes of interest and the source of the information (such as a directory, census, parish register or other record). Because the same names often occur in several records there is some duplication and, inevitably, there may be some transcription errors: as always, original sources must be checked. We welcome suggestions and corrections.

Name Other names Location Region DOB
…?.., Edward …?.. Edward Brighton Sussex 1845
[Surname unknown], JP [SURNAME UNKNOWN] JP Tilbrook West Post Mill Huntingdonshire 1838
[Pulborough], Robert [PULBOROUGH] Robert Rowner Mill, Pulborough Sussex 1086
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Wisconsin, USA 1898 May 10
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Vermont, USA 1896 May 26
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Wisconsin, USA 1894 Jan 9
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Wisconsin, USA 1883 Mar 27
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Wisconsin, USA 1878 Sep 24
Zwiebel, Anton ZWIEBEL Anton Burlington Wisconsin, USA 1878 Jul 9
Zucker, Gottlieb F. ZUCKER Gottlieb F. Chicago Illinois, USA 1923 Sep 25

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We have an outstanding collection of published books, pamphlets and journals on milling subjects. By using our online Library catalogue you may freely check the range of books available before you visit us.

There are a variety of ways of approaching the library, including; browsing an alphabetical list of author names, browsing an alphabetical list of titles, selecting a subject category or simply using a free text search. The ‘People’ category will provide a list of books that contain information on or are about milling people, whilst the search option will often find publications dealing with particular mills or people associated with milling.

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