These other resources and databases are provided by external organisations related to mills, milling or industrial heritage worldwide.

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Title Description
Allemolens Detailed database of Dutch mills with links to archival items.
ARAM Nord-Pas-de-Calais Association for preserving mills in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Includes pages for mills in the area.
Archives Hub Enables you to search across descriptions of archives held at over 250 institutions across the UK.
Association for Industrial Archaeology The AIA promotes the study, preservation and presentation of Britain's industrial heritage.
Belgisch Molenbestand Database of Belgian mills.
British Association of Paper Historians A national association which aims to bring together individuals, companies and institutions with an interest in the history of paper making.
British Library The United Kingdom's national library.
Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society
Clydesdale Mills Information on the Clydesdale Mills Society.
Danske Møller Database of existing Danish wind and water mills.
De Hollandsche Molen Dutch mills group.
De Nederlandse Molendatabase Database of Dutch mills, English version.
Engineering timelines A site covering engineering in the UK, including mills.
Essex mills A site about Essex watermills with gazetteers arranged by river system.
Friends of Norfolk Mills (was the Norfolk Mills Group) A group of mixed ages who are dedicated to the wellbeing of all Norfolk mills.
Hampshire Mills Group Regional mills group based in Hampshire, England, interested in mills of all types; many members own mills and welcome the opportunity to share their enthusiasm.
Historic England Archive The Historic England (formerly English Heritage) Archive holds large numbers of photographs of mills, many of which can be viewed on its website.
I A Recordings Video Archive I A Recordings is dedicated to recording past and present industry using high definition video and photography. They have a number of films and recordings about mills and industries that were powered by them.
Jonathan Neville’s Norfolk Mills One of the best UK sites containing a considerable amount of historical and genealogical data along with over 1,400 photographs. There are individual pages for over 600 water, wind and steam mills.
La Fédération des Moulins de France Organisation which preserves French mills. Includes list of existing French mills, browsable by department.
Les moulins a vent en France Website with basic information and pictures of French windmills, browsable by region and department.
Lietuvos malūnai Detailed database of Lithuanian mills.
Lincolnshire Mills Group Covering an area of the UK East Midlands including Nottinghamshire and East Yorkshire as well as Lincolnshire.
Mark Berry’s Windmill World A UK site dealing with windmills around the world, together with some information about watermills.
Midland Wind and Water Mills Group Sometimes known as the Midland Mills Group, or MMG, covering the UK Midlands area.
Milldrawings John Brandrick's detailed technical drawings of the structure and internal workings of mills in the UK and elsewhere.
Mills and Millers of Ireland The Society for the Preservation of Ancient and Traditional Irish Mills aims to encourage and assist in the preservation of Ireland's old and ancient industrial buildings.
Mills in Alto Aragón Site about old mills in Alto Aragón (prov. Huesca) in Spain.
Mills of Northern Ireland Database of Northern Irish mills with data from Valuation Records and Ordinance Survey Map Records, and photos of remains.
Mills Research Group A voluntary society of enthusiasts who are each conducting research into some aspect of traditional milling, whether it be by wind, water or muscle power.
Molendatabase Portal linking to several databases of Dutch mills including working mills, disappeared mills, wind engines and meadow mills.
Molenecho’s Detailed databases on existing and disappeared Belgian mills.
Morawa District Historical Society Website with information on Australian mills, including The Windmill Journal of Australia and New Zealand.
Moulins de France Website with pages for existing French mills, browsable by region.
Mühlen in Deutschland Website with pages for existing German mills, browsable by region.
Museum of English Rural Life The museum includes many archival collections on all aspects of rural life, including milling.
Museum of the History of Science The Museum of the History of Science holds H M J Underhill's photograph album containing photos of windmills around 1907.
National Archives Discovery A catalogue of more than 32 million descriptions of records held by The National Archives and more than 2,500 other archives across the UK.
National Inventory of Architectural Heritage Building Survey Database of Irish architectural heritage including entries for mills.
National Library of Ireland Ireland's national library.
National Library of Scotland Scotland's national library.
National Library of Scotland map images NLS's digitised and zoomable catalogue of maps covering Scotland, England, Wales and beyond.
National Trust The National Trust owns a number of windmills and watermills. The windmills include each of the three types of post, smock, and tower mill. The Trust also has examples of waterpowered factories, such as Quarry Bank.
North West Mills Group Non-profit voluntary society established in 1981 promoting Watermills and Windmills in the North West of England.
Panel for historical engineering works PHEW was established to promote an understanding amongst civil engineers, and the broader public, of our rich engineering heritage. Includes a database of reports, some of which relate to mills.
Richardson paintings Windmill paintings by Caroline Beatrice Richardson (1873 – 1959).
SCAN Catalogue Online catalogue describing historical records in more than fifty Scottish archives. The word mill provides more than 600 entries for mills in Scotland
Schweizerischer Mühlenfreunde Organisation dedicated to the study and preservation of Swiss mills. Site includes a database of existing mills.
Science Museum archive The Science Museum holds the H E S Simmons mill collection.
Scottish Archive Network (SCAN) A project that aims to revolutionise access to Scotland's archives by providing a single electronic catalogue to the holdings of more than 50 Scottish archives.