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Title Description
Scottish Printing Archival Trust Includes a list of archives which have survived for a number of papermaking firms, and gives some idea of the geographical spread of the industry throughout Scotland:
Society for the Preservation of Old Mills Society which preserves mills in the USA.
South Lanarkshire Mills Web Map Map produced by Jim Ness of the Clydesdale Mills Society showing mills in south Lanarkshire.
SPAB Mills Section The UK's oldest body fighting to save old mills from decay, demolition or unsympathetic repair.
Suffolk Mills Group A voluntary association founded in 1977 for those helping to care for Suffolk's Heritage of old windmills and watermills.
Sunny Bank Mills Archive The Archive represents a unique look at 180 years of cloth produced at the Sunny Bank Mills, founded in 1829.
Sussex Mills Group Promotes the study and the restoration of mills and associated artefacts within the counties of East and West Sussex in the United Kingdom.
The East Anglian Mills Society TEAMS was formed during 2008 following a series of meetings between like-minded mill owners and enthusiasts in East Anglia in the UK.
The International Molinoligical Society (TIMS) The only organisation devoted to mills on a worldwide scale.
The National Archives The United Kingdom's principal national archive, formerly the Public Record Office. Material relating to mills in their archives can be found in Discovery, their online catalogue.
TIMS Mill GPS Database International database aiming to record all mills worldwide in the form of Google Earth files.
Traditional Cornmillers Guild The Guild promotes artisan flour milling by wind or water power, representing some of the UK’s finest mills producing high quality flours the traditional way.
UK Mills A site devoted to all forms of wind and water powered machinery in the UK run by Nick Ashton.
UK Web Archive Archived web pages from the UK, managed by the British Library.
Underground histories Website of Huddersfield historian with lists of textile mills in the area.
University of Kent Special Collections The University of Kent Special Collections at the Templeman Library hold wind and watermill material from William and Donald Muggeridge, John Holman, C P Davies and Don Filmer.
University of Manchester Special Collections The University of Manchester library holds a collection of 47 albums of wind and watermill photographs by E Mitford Abraham.
Visit a Mill Database of existing UK mills which are open to visitors, maintained by the SPAB Mills Section.
Vodnimlyny Database aiming to map all water-powered flour mills in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (Czech Republic).
Watermolens in Nederland Website devoted to watermills in the Netherlands.
Wayback Machine Archived web pages from across the world, managed by the Internet Archive in San Francisco.
Welsh Mills Society The Society studies, records, interprets and publicises the wind and water mills of Wales, encouraging general interest and advising on their preservation and use.
Wessex Mills Group The Group was formed in 2003 as a centre for the milling heritage of Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.
Wikipedia : quern stone Main entry on quern stones, or manually-operated mills, from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia : watermill Main entry on watermills from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia : windmill Main entry on windmills from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Windmills around Tring An online book about the mills around Tring, Hertfordshire.