These other resources and databases are provided by external organisations related to mills, milling or industrial heritage worldwide.

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Title Description
British Association of Paper Historians A national association which aims to bring together individuals, companies and institutions with an interest in the history of paper making.
Engineering timelines A site covering engineering in the UK, including mills.
I A Recordings Video Archive I A Recordings is dedicated to recording past and present industry using high definition video and photography. They have a number of films and recordings about mills and industries that were powered by them.
Morawa District Historical Society Website with information on Australian mills, including The Windmill Journal of Australia and New Zealand.
Panel for historical engineering works PHEW was established to promote an understanding amongst civil engineers, and the broader public, of our rich engineering heritage. Includes a database of reports, some of which relate to mills.
Richardson paintings Windmill paintings by Caroline Beatrice Richardson (1873 – 1959).
Wikipedia : quern stone Main entry on quern stones, or manually-operated mills, from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia : watermill Main entry on watermills from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Wikipedia : windmill Main entry on windmills from Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia.
Windmills around Tring An online book about the mills around Tring, Hertfordshire.