Have you seen our new Bookshop?

April 25th 2015 by Ron Cookson

Nigel Harris's new book - is well worth considering as your next purchase. It leads the way in our featured book selection and we have selected it as the Book of the Month for May.
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The shop is still being stocked as we write - we only have 430 books so far uploaded in prices varying from £1 to £175. We hope you will enjoy browsing the slection we offer - look at the shop front to see our books and postcards orgainsed into categories for easier browsing. Most books are accompanied with a detailed description of its content for example Nigel's book is descibed as follows:

A4, a new book, hardback, great quality. Drawings by John Brandrick. Very heavy book!
Harris’ book in the in-depth introduction to watermills and stoneground flour milling that an inquisitive novice needs. It is a book that aims to give in a simple way, a thorough understanding of stoneground milling terminology, mill technology and mill practices. Using easy-to-follow text plus numerous drawings and photographs, it guides the reader through the various elements that go to make up a working watermill. From explaining the different types of cereals that are likely to have been processed in millstone mills, through the history of watermills, to the buildings design and layout. It continues by explaining the need for the various machinery components found in watermills and how they work. Only then does it describe how wheat is ground into meal and how that meal is processed further to make white flour.

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 This is the world's biggest bookshop specifcally donated to mills, so why not make it even better?