From Quern to Computer: a History of Flour Milling Timeline

January 26th 2017 by Claire Wooldridge

We are delighted to share with you our new interactive resources to discover the history of flour milling, from quern to computer. Today we take a closer look at our timelines.
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From grain, to flour to our daily bread, access our From Quern to Computer timelines which demonstrate how the stories of technological changes to flour milling, and the development of our society, are closely intertwined.

You can see an example of our timelines below.

Ancient to Modern

Are you fascinated by the ancient world?  Or only interested in modern milling?  

We have created three timelines to break down our flour milling history into manageable chunks:

If you want to wrap yor head around the whole history of flour milling, from -4000BC to the present day, then visit: Quern to Computer: The Full Story.

What did we miss?

We welcome further contributions to our Timelines area and encourage researchers to explore it’s riches and share their own findings. Please contact us with details of your submission. 

Our timelines are packed with content, so please bear with them if if they take a while to load, it will be worth the wait.

From Quern to Computer is suppoprted by the Heritage Lottery Fund.