Unusual Upminster Shots: Repairing and Landscaping

March 27th 2017 by Liz Bartram

We’ve just received these intriguing snapshots of Upminster Windmill as it undergoes repair and restoration ahead of its reopening.
Poster Image

Willem Dijkstra, the Dutch millwright has started work on the mill body at Upminster. The first job is to repair the rotten sheer beams that support the first floor (Meal Floor). These beams are massive 12” x 12” timbers resting on the brick walls of the ground floor. The ends had rotted off so all that was holding up the central structures of the mill were five pillars supporting the beams in their middle. This internal photo shows some wonderful grafting by Willem, which will be reinforced by steel ties.

In the external shots, a drone has revealed how the mill has lost most of her reefing gallery and now looks bare bones. The feature image shows the mill with Willem’s mobile tower crane in the foreground. In the other photo you can see the new visitor centre being landscaped by volunteers – a wicked thorn bush hedge has been planted as a boundary, and a flower bed is being prepared.

Upminster Windmill is cared for by the Friends of Upminster Windmill, a Heritage Partner. If this blog has piqued your interest, why not take a look at their online catalogue to see more images of the mill? They also have their own website here.