Workshop for the mill heritage community (featuring Mr Bean)

November 10th 2017 by Liz Bartram

We were privileged to meet some hard-working people from around the country on Tuesday. The reason? We ran our annual training workshop, “Caring for your Collection”, attended by people working, volunteering and living at mills and who are just as determined to preserve milling heritage as we are!
Poster Image

The workshop included sessions covering how to understand and preserve a mill collection of images and documents, as well as how to promote such images and documents via social media and other channels.

I think my own highlights included watching a very funny clip of Mr Bean making all kinds of mistakes with a rare book in a Library! If you feel in need of a laugh, you can watch the clip here.

We’re already thinking about new workshops following some helpful suggestions from those who attended, perhaps we will see you at a future workshop?

To find out more about our workshops, visit our webpage for information and how to get in touch.