The National Joint Council for the Flour Milling Industry published a series of technical booklets for 1926 until the outbreak of the Second World War. These informative pamphlets were the Bibles for a generation of flour millers and are a fascinating reminder of the state of milling technology in the pre-war years

The NJIC Technical and Education series (1926 - 1939) (more information)

1 Power
2 Some basic principles of flour-milling
3 Flour quality: its nature and control; E. A. Fisher
4 Elements of science for milling students; J. Twomey
5 Pests in wheat and its products; Sebert Humphries
6 The roller mill as used in the milling of wheaten flour; J. R. Birch (see image)
7 The development of the modern British roller mill; H. Marston
8 Fire insurance practice applied to British flour mills; H. Leighton
9 The wheats of commerce I: general considerations; E. A. Fisher and C. R. Jones
10 The wheats of commerce II: commercial wheat classes; E. A. Fisher and C. R. Jones
11 A historical study of wheat conditioning; W. S. Thompson
12 Purification; E. Alan Williams
13 Grinders; John Nattrass
14 A microscopial examination of wheat grain; Col. Brereton Fairclough
15 Baking: a simple exposition with special attention to common faults, bakers' complaints etc. and a short treatment on test baking; D. W. Kent-Jones
16 The handling and storing of grain in bulk; Ernest Bealing

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