These articles written by Mildred Cookson, our lead trustee for the roller flour mill initiative, have all been published by Perendale Publishers in Milling and Grain

From Quern to Computer sets the modern industry in the 8,000 year context of flour milling and its importance to us all. Click on the logo to read Mildred's article or chose any of the links below


  1. Milling         
  2. Northwestern Miller 

  1. Knapp Roller Mills, Christchurch near Bournemouth     
  2. Newington Mill Ramsgate
  3. Messrs. Press Brothers’ Green Cap Flour Mills, Great Yarmouth



  1. Ancient Milling in China
  2. A Flour Mill in China
  3. Rice Milling around the World: early approaches
  4. Rice Milling around the World: The early uses of waterpower
  5. Rice Milling around the World: The advent of industrial processes