Mills and milling have always depended on people, so it is not surprising that the Mills Archive holds a lot of original documents, research and images about individuals and, in many cases, their families. Milling families provide a common thread linking together several generations working the same mill or mills in a particular area.

Discovering a miller or millwright in your family can lead to far reaching connections as relatives may spread across several counties or inter-marry with other millers to keep the mills, the businesses and their associated land in the family. Since the 16th century, millers and millwrights from Great Britain and Ireland have taken their skills abroad, thus providing further connections to explore.

Our family history specialists are happy to help, but we suggest you first make use of the resources we offer on this site, including:

Family history research and advice

Please contact us if you would like further information or can tell us something about your milling ancestors. We have a growing collection of milling family history and are pleased to receive detailed family histories, documents and images about millers, millwrights and mills.

We offer a paid research service to those who live too far away to visit, by which a volunteer will search our collections to see what information we have about an individual. The research service fee is discounted for those joining as Friends of the Mills Archive, who can also order high resolution images amongst other benefits.

Once you have discovered all that we can offer, our family history team can advise on locating other sources of information. However, we do not have the resources to conduct general genealogical research. All the information that we provide will be linked to mills or milling family history.