The aim of the Mills Archive is to protect our collections and make them available for public inspection free of charge. As well as making it possible to view original items in our reading room, we digitise many items and attach the images to our online catalogue, where they can be viewed free of charge. To cover our running costs we charge for higher-resolution digital images or print copies.

Downloading high-resolution images

All entries in our Archive catalogue with an attached digital image include a "Download image" button to the right of the page. Clicking on this will take you to a screen with a link to the high-resolution version of this image in our Shop. High-resolution images cost £20.00 each to the general public and £6.00 to Friends of the Mills Archive. PDF files can be viewed free of charge on the catalogue. See more information about downloading images from the catalogue.

Please note that the size of the high-resolution image will vary. Usually it will be significantly larger than the version which can be viewed on the catalogue, but occasionally this will not be so. In a small number of cases we are unable to sell high-resolution copies of an image for copyright reasons. The high-resolution versions of the images may also be viewed free of charge in our reading room.

Visiting the Archive

Visitors to the archive are permitted to photograph items themselves. We charge £30 for a licence to take unlimited photographs, which can be purchased through our online shop. Flash photography is forbidden. We may ask to be given copies of the resulting images.

Portable scanners are not allowed in the reading room.

Requesting copies

If you require a copy of an item we have not yet digitised we can create one for you and send it by email.

High resolution copies of images can be purchased for £20 per image.

For copies of documents we charge a £10 search and check fee for a member of staff to locate the document and determine the number of pages. We then charge £3 per page copied. The copy will be supplied in PDF format.

In some cases we may be unable to copy material (e.g. large drawings), in this case we will suggest that you come to the archive to consult the material in person.

Copyright fees

Permission must be obtained from the Mills Archive for reproduction of material in the Archive in publications. We do not own the copyright of all the material in the Archive, so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant permission for items to be reproduced. A copyright acknowledgment will be required whenever the image is reproduced. The copyright fee for private individuals is £50.00 for each high-resolution image. Commercial rates are available. The copyright fee may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the Trustees and details are available of the categories of use and user which would qualify. To request permission to reproduce an image please use the contact form.