Twelfth symposium of The International Molinological Society

Twelfth symposium of The International Molinological Society

Papers to be presented from 2nd - 10th June 2007

TIMS: The International Molinological Society / Wijnmalen, Diederik / van der Drift, Leo
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Soft cover, ring bound, A4 size, in excellent condition.

This work contains the papers for the 12th TIMS symposium in Putten, The Netherlands.

These are the pre-conference papers sent to delegates in advance of the symposium, therefore content may differ from later published transactions. This volume also contains abstracts of informal contributions.

Papers included are:

‘“Power Windmills” in North America: Wind Engines Producing Rotary Power for Human Work’ - T. Lindsay Baker

‘Sugarcane Milling Throughout the Centuries’ - Willem D. Bergen

‘Watermills at La Suave Majeure, France, in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, and Environmental Change’ - Constance H. Berman

‘The Origin of the Post Mill, a Hypothesis’ - Varis Bokalders

‘The Stone Grinding Mills of the Churnet Valley’ - Tony Bonson

‘The Old Windmills of Liverpool’ - Mildred M. Cookson

‘Windmills and the Drainage of the Fens in Eastern England’ - Peter Filby

‘Greek Windmill Sails: Pictorial Evidence for the Adoption of Jib Sails’ - Michael Harverson

‘Regolfo Watermills: Their Construction and Performance’ - Jeff. Hawksley

‘The Inclined Treadwheel’ - David H. Jones

‘Between Windmills and Wind Generators: the Windmills of E. Lancaster Burne’ - J. Kenneth Major

‘Tradition and Innovation: an Historical overview of the Milling process in the Village of Olymbos, Karpathos’ - Holly Parton

‘Tragedy or Romance in Mills?’ - Boum Pyndiah

Publisher TIMS: The International Molinological Society
Year of Publication 2007
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