Our expertise and advice benefits new researchers; the more experienced appreciate our efforts to publish papers and ensure they are aware of other work in their field.

Our professional staff and our experienced researchers provide specific help and general advice to the mill research community; we now wish to extend our services by creating a Research Information Gateway free for all to use   

Research Publications

We promote effective and useful mills research by helping authors to publish good quality work (see below).

We aim to ensure that useful research is shared and easy to find, helping to avoid research duplication and we assist in the development of ideas for new research on nny aspect of mills and milling.

Relevant topics include 

  • Traditional power sources and the development of modern milling
  • Food production and early industrial processes
  • Social and economic history
  • Landscape, architecture and engineering


Guy Boocock helping Michael Harverson with one of his two books on the researches of Stephen Buckland




Helping new researchers

There are certain predictable stages that all historical research questions go through and we are designing courses and training material to help newcomers and to refresh the knowledge of the more experienced.

This initiative is one of the many componets of our planned research infomation gateway; others include useful resources and links to other research oganisations

One of the graphics from our training material to be accessible through the Research Information Gateway



Research database

Philip, one of our volunteer is listing all the research papers we can find that have been published so far - more than 3000 in our lists to date.

Once we have the funding in place the results will provide a searchable online databe, useful to avoid duplication and for those writing a paper, book or thesis to check they have all the references!


£3000 would fully fund our Reseaarch Information Gateway and make it available to all

Please consider a donation to our Research and Education Fund

Our Research Publications

Funded by our Research and Education Fund, we support new and high quality reseearch with our rapidly expanding series of Mills Archive Research Publications.

These provide researchers with a free vehicle for their original peer-reviewed work on mills, and we offer them to the mills community at a subsidised price.