Please support “Mills make the world go ‘round”, a vital project that needs your help. The Foyle Foundation has pledged £15,000 if we can raise £8,645.

Mills have been used to power more than 80 different industries during the history of humankind, from textiles and paper-making, to gunpowder production and the iron industry. We want to do these collections justice and meet a variety of research and educational needs by preserving them and making them easily accessible to people around the world.

With your support, we will:

  • Catalogue and digitise the best examples of our archival material that cover industrial history, opening up access to them for the first time.
  • Launch a new online catalogue for our library of 4000 books and journals, in order to better promote and make visible our industrial heritage holdings. The new library catalogue will be much easier for the public to use and provide better quality information.
  • Create new webpages to help people access, learn and understand industrial history, with links to material in our collections.

Your help will:

  • Raise national awareness of the breadth and depth of our library, the largest specialist mills collection probably in the world.
  • Help our staff and volunteers learn more about industrial history and our holdings. They will be better placed to help people with enquiries and those who visit to conduct research.
  • Make our organisation more sustainable so that it continues to serve the public for many years. This will be achieved through the attraction of new supporters and the creation of new funding opportunities.

Please take action now and choose to donate by clicking one of the links below. The link will take you through to payment via our Shop facility. If you have any questions then please contact me directly on

Thank you!

Liz Bartram, Director of Programmes & Development

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