By taking part in the Great British Mill Race (National Mills Survey), you warrant that:
  • The material you submit (a digital image, textual information or intellectual property) is of your own creation and therefore owned by you, or you are acting with the authority of the owner. 
  • If any individuals can be seen in the image you submit, you have their permission to use the photo, or the permission of their guardian. 
  • By submitting material to the Great British Mill Race, you grant the Mills Archive Trust an unrestricted, free and non-exclusive copyright license to use and reproduce the material for the full term for which the copyright may exist.  The Mills Archive Trust shall be entitled to use your name in describing the material you submit in any of the normal Mills Archive social media, captioning, cataloguing, and related merchandising activities.
  • Reproduce means prepare, keep, store, exhibit, move, download and provide as digital images and text either in whole or in part (for which a fee may be charged to the user).
  • Reproduction includes use on the Internet, through social media channels or other electronic media in combination with other material and the periodic upgrading of the material to encompass new technology.
  • Your personal information will be kept on file by the Mills Archive Trust and this may be used for audience development purposes.  

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